About EnginePoint Marketing®

Search engines won’t buy your products or services. But searchers do. And we understand what motivates searchers. We study how people use engines—what they type in, where they look on the results page, and how this all affects your brand. The SEO & SEM services offered by EnginePoint Marketing leverage these insights to elevate your site where searchers can find it.

Founded in 2008 by a 17-year marketing veteran, Mark A. Scholl, the EnginePoint Marketing® services provide solutions for both Search Engine Optimization and SEM/Paid Search campaigns.


Jim Vutech

Jim Vutech, Chairman

Jim brings extensive professional experience, including more than 32 years as an advertising executive, successfully leading agencies to their top growth potential. He has helped build highly recognizable and sustainable brands across multiple industries. Jim is responsible for driving EnginePoint’s long term vision and success by providing steady leadership.

Mark A. Scholl

Mark A. Scholl, Founder & Managing Partner

Mark founded EnginePoint Marketing in 2004 to move search marketing into the realm of business strategy. This takes search well beyond executional tasks, and uses search marketing to uncover valuable insights into consumer motivations and behavior for integration into marketing initiatives and strategic thinking. Mark follows the ever-changing industry with dogged attention—keeping clients informed and educated about the relevant changes in the companies, engines, programs and algorithms. Mark runs the day-to-day operations of the company and is responsible for product innovation.

John Millen

John Millen, Chief Strategist

John leads our strategy offering, uncovering key insights that intelligently drive client campaigns and initiatives. With more than 20 years of experience, John specializes in helping brands and people find their voices and present themselves with confidence and authenticity online. In addition, John specializes in working with leaders in the midst of crisis.  Through seminars and personal coaching, John has improved the communications of hundreds of leaders, from frontline managers and entrepreneurs to CEOs and professional athletes. John is also a professional guest speaker at company meetings and conventions.